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Door lock repair: tips for repair a lock

Door lock

Door lock repair: tips for repair a lock

Door lock – Breakage of the lock is an unpleasant, but not uncommon situation. The actions of the owners of the locking device in this case differ: someone simply buys and installs a new mechanism, while someone tries to identify and fix the problem on their own. How true are each of these approaches? Before considering this issue, let’s briefly study the main types of locks and the degree of their maintainability, as well as tricks that help to quickly rectify the situation.

What leads to breakage of the locking mechanism

The most common cause of the failure of the door lock is ordinary wear and tear. Also among the main causes of breakdowns: breaking the lock or trying to break in, even if unsuccessful; violation of the rules of operation; manufacturing defects; temperature and humidity changes that lead to deformation of the material; installation of the lock by a person without proper qualifications. The breakdown manifests itself differently: the lock creaks, sticks, does not open, etc. Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, it is advisable not to delay the repair of the lock.

Types of Door lock and their maintainability

Door lock – According to the type of mechanism, they distinguish: Crossbar lock – simple and durable. More often in demand in outdoor structures – gates, garages. You can open it with a fishing line, pencil, hairpin. But a damaged crossbar cannot be restored. The cylinder lock is the easiest to repair. Usually the problem is solved by replacing the larva. The lever lock is more difficult and if the key is lost or jammed, it is not easy to open it. The key configuration must exactly match the location of the levers, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. Another typology is based on the purpose of the mechanism, technical characteristics and installation method. In accordance with it, locks are inserted, overhead, mortise, electromagnetic, electromechanical, garage and others.

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