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Types of electronic locks

Types of electronic locks

Depending on their opening system, you can basically find 3 types of electronic locks on the market:

Electronic key lock:

This is a conventional lock that opens or closes with a key, but which incorporates a screen on which an
access pin can be configured or that allows reading the fingerprint. In this way, the lock provides extra
security to the system.

Lock with password:

This kind of electric lock allows access or lock the door by setting a password, code or pin. They are the
type of electronic lock most used in private homes or offices. In general, they are simple to install and
use, and cheaper than those that incorporate a fingerprint reader.

With fingerprint reader:

This type of smart lock has a small digital screen where access can be configured for different people
with their fingerprint. These locks are very useful in offices or companies where access has to be given
to different people. They are elegant locks in their materials, safe and very resistant. A good example is
the keypad lock

How electronic locks work

As we have seen previously, electronic locks have an electromechanical opening and closing system.
They have a small motor that is controlled by electrical impulse. This motor can be activated in different
ways, depending on the type of electronic lock it is: with a keyboard to dial a code, with a card reader,
with a fingerprint reader, with a remote control,… In any case. , this system only allows access when it
receives the correct information. The closure of the system occurs thanks to a mechanical lock that
works with electromagnets. So the door closes more securely.

Therefore, an electronic lock requires an electrical power source to work. One of the cons that these
locks have is that they can block the door in the event that the electricity goes out. To avoid this
inconvenience, many of the electronic locks combine an electronic lock control with a physical one. In
this way, they provide an extra plus of security and reliability for the user. It is also recommended to
integrate a generator or a supply source in case there is an emergency and the usual electricity source

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