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2 keys to a good key locks for your lockers

2 keys to a good key locks for your lockers

Are all key locks the same?

Key locks for lockers are among the most common on the market.
However, it is not the simplest lock. Within this category there are a wide variety of options. They are
not all the same; Some of them offer more quality and features than others. In general, the best quality
and performance of a key lock has to do with (i) the opening mechanism, (ii) the material from which
they are made.

1. Opening mechanism of key locks

There are different opening options, the most common being cam and slip. The cam is a simple
mechanism. It consists of a base unit (body and cylinder) with a small tab added as a cam. It is this tab or
cam that abuts the side or top profile of the furniture to close it. The cam is opened or closed by turning
the key.

In the case of the latch type, the lock is characterized by incorporating a wedge-shaped lock with a
spring. This spring-loaded mechanism allows the lock to slide along the curved part of the strike until it
closes and locks the door on its straight part. Unlike the cam mechanism, in the event of a slip the door
closes simply by pushing, without the need to turn the key. The bolt lock is considered a superior lock to
the cam lock.

The truth is that most manufacturers put cam locks on their furniture because they are cheaper.
However, at we opted for bolt locks, which offer more security. The slip prevents the locker of the locker
cabinet from being left open due to the user's carelessness to a greater extent than the cam.

2.Material of key locks

Key locks are also differentiated by the material from which they are made. The alloy that has been used
for the lock determines its strength level. In the case of lockers, the resistance of the lock to humidity is
considered especially important. Keep in mind that most of the times the locker serves as furniture or
storage for changing rooms with high levels of humidity.

A poor or unsuitable alloy for humidity will imply greater wear on the lock. It is the usual case of a good
number of furniture manufacturers (of any type), who neglect the quality of the material of their locks.
They do their job initially but wear out and break easily.

However, we give special importance to the lock, considering it a critical element of the furniture, its use
and duration. Our key locks are manufactured by zinc die casting. Zinc is one of the metals that offers
the best mechanical resistance. It is also especially suitable against corrosion and humidity. Thus, zinc
alloy locks are considered perfect for lockers.

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