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Reasons to buy an Electronic Lock ?

Reasons to buy an Electronic Lock ?

Electronic locks are increasingly in demand when installing a new access door to a home or premises. An
electronic lock is also very useful when looking to achieve extra security, as we told you when we talked
about how to easily improve the security of a door.

When controlling the opening and closing of a door that offers security, you can find different types of

  • The traditional lock, which uses a key to control opening
  • The mixed lock or lock, which is made up of a traditional or mechanical part that also requires a
    key, and another electronic part.
  •  The electronic lock, which does not need a key and only needs to enter a digital code to give
    access to a room or not.

5 Advantages of the electronic lock

Electronic locks offer a series of advantages over mechanical or conventional locks:

1. Safer.

The electronic lock allows to increase security, compared to traditional or mechanical locks. This type of lock has a mechanism that blocks the door if it tries to be opened by an unauthorized person. It also locks when you try to force it open with a drill. Or with a lever or other external element foreign to the system.

2. Keys are not lost.

There is no danger that any of the people who have the access key will lose it.
Or that someone makes a duplicate of it or they steal the key.

3. Limited Authorized Access.

It only allows access and opens with people who are authorized.

4. Programmable.

Electronic locks can be programmed with different access codes, different for
each person. Thus, you can regulate which person enters your home or office, what days they
can access, for how long,… This increases the control of who is authorized or not to enter.

5. For all types of doors.

It can be installed on almost all types of doors, depending on the model of
electronic lock that we choose.

As for the disadvantages of this type of lock, the most noteworthy is that they are more expensive than
mechanical locks. In addition, some people still the electronic lock precisely because it does
not have a physical key. Also for fear that they could be hacked.

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