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Types of locks for the front door

Types of locks for the front door

Types of locks for the front door

According to statistics, burglaries are considered the most common of the total number of crimes committed. Therefore, it is not surprising that every homeowner tries to secure his home from unauthorized entry. In recent years, the most effective and affordable way to protect personal space and property is to install an entrance metal door. But even the most durable steel door does not guarantee proper security if the manufacturer has not used reliable, burglary-resistant types of door locks that are easy to use and have a long service life. Let’s figure out what types of locks are and which of them are considered reliable.

Selection principles

When buying a lock on the front door, it is recommended to follow the following rules:

  • It is better to buy one good lock from a well-known manufacturer than two door locks of dubious reliability.
  • The presence of a pair of high-quality locks in the door is much better than one locking device.
  • The presence of a low-quality lock in the door often brings inconvenience to the owner of the apartment, and is not an obstacle for the attacker.
  • The best option is to install different types of locks (at least the two most common types – cylinder and level).

Following these simple principles, you can choose such locks for the front doors that will make your home impregnable for unauthorized entry. Relatively low costs for the purchase and installation of reliable door locks will save property from theft, ensure the safety of yourself and the people living with you.

Types of castles

Considering the currently produced types of door locks, you can see that they are divided into groups, both according to the method of installation on the door, and according to the design features of the locking mechanism. In the first case, the locks on the entrance doors are divided into two main types:

· Overhead locks

Despite the rather impressive list of advantages, this type of locks is practically not installed on metal entrance doors. This is due to certain difficulties associated not only with production, but also with the implementation. One of the reasons why metal door manufacturers do not install overhead types of locks on their products, this is an increase in the cost of finished products. After all, it is necessary to strengthen the installation site of the lock, which requires additional material and labor costs. In addition, overhead models of locks are difficult to match in the “metal frame with an internal rebate and steel door leaf” set. Also, many buyers of entrance doors do not like that a lock is installed on the inside of the entrance doors, which violates the integrity of the surface of the door leaf with its appearance. Therefore, in most cases, overhead locks are installed on wooden doors or door leafs in non-residential premises.

· Mortise locks

The design of the lock is installed in the door leaf, which serves as both a fastener and protection for it. It is not visible, both from the outside of the door, and from the inside. The only visible part is the bar at the end of the doors. In some cases, the mortise lock is installed by inserting into the door leaf, then only the openings of the locking bolts can be observed from the end.

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